The challenges of today’s mobile enterprise

Alongside the increased adoption of cloud and mobility technologies in the enterprise environment, there is a general expectation to have 24×7 access to web applications and data–anytime, anywhere and from virtually any device.

Dynamic IAM addresses the authentication and authorization of management challenges associated with the way people work today because it’s device- and location-aware. It enables cloud adoption through more flexible policies, which helps reduce risk, increase productivity, and maximize cost benefits.

Intermedia AppID® Enterprise offers advanced data security with:

  • Context-based authentication helps reduce risk by bringing contextual awareness, such as user location and device, into the authentication process.
  • Dynamic password management automates the selection and changing of passwords to ensure they’re both complex and unique across all accounts.
  • Application shaping manages authorization or access to sensitive data, as well as web application features and functions.
  • Audit trails provide visibility of all user interaction from login to logout – and everything in between.
  • User-empowered identity allows users to respond to suspicious activities associated with their identity.
  • Advanced Single Sign-On offers advanced two-factor authentication with a choice of methods including SMS and push notifications.