Make calling easier and more efficient with Intermedia’s CallScape

Intermedia’s Hosted PBX delivers enterprise-grade functionality and improves phone reliability while cutting your bills by more than 50%. But it also offers your users the chance to be more productive—because it comes bundled with Intermedia’s free CallScape desktop app.

CallScape works with both PCs and Macs to make calling easier and more efficient for both regular phone users and power users such as receptionists or administrative staff.

With CallScape, you’ll be able to:

  • See user availability and status indicators – CallScape provides at-a-glance information on the availability of the members of your team. This is especially valuable for power users such as receptionists or assistants, because it allows them to check a person’s availability before transferring a call. A special view on the dashboard provides at-a-glance availability status of all contacts in the team.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook – CallScape integrates with Outlook’s address books to let employees consolidate their contacts information, instead of having to maintain a separate contact list on their phone. In addition, users can place calls directly from Outlook without having to dial on the phone.
  • Control your phone with your computer – CallScape lets employees use their computer to simplify many phone-related tasks. They can receive notifications of new voicemails via the CallScape dashboard and listen to them right on their computer. They can also accept or reject calls with the click of a mouse.
  • Integrate with your CRM system – For salespeople and customer support staff that use Salesforce, eAgent or other CRM systems, CallScape provides a significant productivity boost. As a call comes in from a customer, CallScape will launch the CRM and pull up the caller’s records based on the phone number.